What Are The 5 Best Battery For RZR 800?

Best Battery for RZR 800


You may be getting a problem with the current battery for your RZR 800. So, you want to replace it with the right one. If you face difficulties to choose the correct product from several, then go through our article for better understanding.

From the maintenance-free battery, you can get better performance. Moreover, by selecting the proper materials, your car can give you higher actions with greater power capabilities and charger.

We have provided the best battery for RZR 800 in our article so that you can buy the top quality brand with confidence.

Best Battery for RZR 800

Getting right battery like getting a gems. Isn’t it? However, discover our researched pick one by one.

1. Odyssey Automotive and LTV Battery– Get vibration-free and greater flexibility with the product

Odyssey automotive battery is compatible with RZR 800 and gives smooth performance. The product saves customers money and their valuable time because it provides about 3 to 10 years of life in service. The model of the equipment protects against mechanical vibration and high impact shocks.

The primary features of the materials are: model-PC925, voltage- 12 volts, net weight of the ingredient- 26 pounds. Compared to traditional deep cycle batteries, it has a 70% greater cycle life and longer period of elevated durable voltage. The recharge ability of equips are maximal like 100% recharge is completed within 4 to 6 hours.

The component provides fast recovery, massive starting strength and according to vehicle requirement gives incredible depth of cycling capacity. The plates of it are composed of original-authentic lead and large numbers of plates are packaged in the Odyssey.

The further plates create more surface area of the plate and higher energy. These devices are designed for several high-quality cars, daily vehicles, ancient and classic cars, and modified some vehicles. Its special design helps to eradicate high conductivity, a sealed system to generate internally recycled gasses, acid spill, corrugated tin-plated blasting etc.


  • Great assurance
  • Flexible mounting
  • Longer lifetime of service
  • Extensive life cycle
  • Quicker charging


  • Comparatively high price

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2. Deka Sports Power– Leakage-Free Premium AGM Battery

The Deka-ETX30L model battery is a perfect fit for your  Polaris RZR 800.  There is no vent on the tube that you need to be afraid of any leak of acid.

Your battery won’t have any issue for the vibration due to the off-road riding. For the UTV or ATV vehicles, this feature is crucial.

This battery does not need any activation in the time of installing—also no need to worry for additional filling on the battery.

The most crucial feature-the CCA (Cold Cranking Ampere) of this battery is 400 at 0°F. It helps a lot in the vehicle’s startup, mostly when you ride in the winter regions.

The reserve capacity (RC) of this battery is 10 hours at 26 Amp (26 AH), which is quite enough for a Polaris Ranger type vehicle. It means the battery can store and provide 26 Ampere per hour.


  • Corrosion-free terminals
  • Ideal CCA for the highest power
  • Removes low water levels
  • Excellent performance in the acute temperature


  • Minimum AH

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3. Caltric AGM Battery– Get Higher Energy Supply with This One

It is a perfect fit when you are looking for the highest power reservation in Polaris RZR 800 battery.  Do you wish to know why? Because it has a higher AH-that is 30.

Well, it can provide 30 Amp current at an hour, which makes you ride with the smooth power source.

Oh, don’t get confused about the high AH may make the battery larger. It is correctly compatible and fits in the RZR 800.

Another important part-the CCA. The Caltric AGM type battery has the 350 Cold Cranking Ampere. And it is enough whether your vehicle is taking the start in the colder season or, the hotter Summer.

With this Caltric AGM battery, you can run the radio along with riding with the highest power.


  • Impressively high CCA
  • Cheaper battery
  • Correct fit for the Rangers
  • Durable & long-lasting


  • Must check when delivered to avoid junk terminals.

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4. Kinetik Lead Acid Battery– Refund Warranty if Not Works

Many seem to face issues in finding the right fit for the 2011 Polaris RZR 800 battery size. But Kinetic 12V battery can give you that assurance of fitting and performance too.

It is a Sealed Lead Acid ( SLA) battery with 385 CCA. Is not it so amazing? The more CCA means less hindrance in the startup.

The Kinetic APIX30L model battery has 30 Ampere Reserve capacity. So, it can provide 30 Amp current in an hour. So, it needs significantly less time to recover the discharge.

This battery can resist any shock or vibration from rough riding. And it can give you a higher performance for any temperature condition.

With the purchase of this battery, you will get not only a one year warranty but a 30-day refund policy if any issue arises. And that is so amazing to rely on quality.


  • Trouble-free installation
  • Easily rechargeable
  • Mountable in any position
  • Fits perfectly & provides lots of power


  • Made in China

Available On Amazon

5. MMG YIX30L-BS– Superior CCA for Any Startup Condition

MMG AGM battery is remarkable for its higher cranking power. Yes, it has 400 CCA at -18°C, a wow point for the rough riders.

30 AH is enough to supply a smooth and continuous power source for the UTV ( Utility Vehicle) such as the Polaris RZR 800.

It easily fits into your rangers and provides higher performance.  The battery is an AGM type battery, and no need any maintenance or extras for installation.

If your RZR 800 takes the start in a significantly colder region always, you can go for this battery without any second thought.


  • Comes with a dry sealed acid pack
  • The replacement warranty for six months
  • Massive cranking power
  • Non-spillable design


  • Included terminal nuts seem small

Available On Amazon

How to Pick the Best Battery for RZR 800?

How to Pick the Best Battery for RZR 800

When it is time to replace your Polaris RZR 800 battery, you should not buy any random one as it has the UTV ( Utility Vehicle) type engine.

If you choose any random battery without checking the right power and quality, you will repent yourself later. You may lose your temper for not getting the expected power.

That is why we have done this research for you and helping you by showing the significant points to look before buying the RZR 800 battery.

Buy a Good Battery Type

There are different types of batteries you may get. But among all the AGM ( Absorbed Glass Material) type battery is the best one to have.

It is nowadays gaining more popularity due to its durability and non-leaking status. So, what are you choosing should be the AGM battery. Some SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) type can also be choosable.

Check the Proper RC

RC stands for the power reserving capacity. It is very crucial to have more than 25 RC in the battery for the UTV vehicles. The RC number determines the amount of current in Ampere reserved and supplied per hour.

Choose the Right CCA

The CCA stands for the Cold Cranking Ampere. It is most needed when you live in the polar zones. The more CCA your battery has, your engine will take less time to startup from the shutdown condition.

For the UTV engines, look for a minimum of 300 CCA or more according to your riding condition.

Right Fit is a Must

If you check all the points mentioned above but did not match the fitting or compatibility, your buying will go in vain. If the battery does not correctly fit into your vehicle, you can’t make it rightly fit by any means.

So, check for the right fit before you make the purchase.

Durability & Other Facts to Check

Mostly a good battery will last a minimum of 3 to 5 years. So, how long-lasting the battery will be, you must ensure it before buying.

In the time of buying automobile batteries, always check the manufacturing date. You may get it anywhere on the upper seal of the battery.

Don’t buy a battery that seems too old, or the dealer has only one in store. A long old battery can be harmful to run.

Some companies provide replacement warranty or even money-back warranty. These features can be noticeable to get good quality.

A to Z Guide: How To Replace Battery in RZR 800 DIY to Save Your $100

How To Replacement Battery in RZR 800

The battery location in the Rangers RZR 800  may not be easily found or seen. So, people seem to spend dollars on the mechanics to replace their battery in RZR 800.

But today, we will show you an accessible method. Following this, you can quickly get access to the battery of your RZR and replace it yourself.

Want to save your bucks? Read the steps below.

Step-1: Get Access to the Battery

Finding the right location of the battery is the most stringent and essential step in this method. In the 2010-2014 Rangers model with a two-seat vehicle, the battery is beneath the driver seat.

Many here make the mistake of opening all the nuts of the seat area. No need for this trouble. Did you know you can take out the seat by pulling it outside?

Hold on the middle of the seat handle and pull it outside. The seat will come out of the bolt finely from where it is attached to it.

Step-2: Take Off the Battery Store Cover

After taking out the seat, there is a storage box type you will see. Take out the cover or the cap of the store. Use screwdrivers to loosen the nuts.

Step-3: Disconnect the Terminals

When you take off the cover, you can see the battery here inside. Disconnect the two terminals from the positive and negative poles. Before that, make sure the engine is off and adequately cold.

Step-4: Replace the Old Battery with New One

Now,  take out the old battery from inside the storage box part.  And place the new battery here inside.

Step-5: Connect the Two Cables

Connect the two cables correctly. Here, connect the terminals very wisely. The red cable will connect the positive terminal, and the black cable will go with the negative terminal.

Don’t get confused here. Otherwise, if you be upside down here, you may have the battery explosion also.

Step-6: Put the Cover & Mount the Seat

Start your engine and check if it is getting power or not. If allis okay, tighten the screw and put the cover.

Then mount the seat right back to its position.

And see, you have made it so well within minutes only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the battery location on RZR 800?

Ans: The battery can be found at one of the three positions on RZR 800. The battery is placed under the driver’s seat for all two-seat models from 2008 till now. It can also be mounted beneath the driver’s seat on four-seated models from 2008 to 2013. The equipment is located under the left rear passenger seat for all four-seat models from 2014 until now.

Ques: How many years a battery for RZR 800 long-last?

Ans: It depends on the duration of the load, the load and you should not overcharge it. It will take three to five years if you use a combat tender while not in use and do not destroy it much.

Ques: How will an RZR 800 Charge the Battery?

Ans: The stator produces electricity that is used to charge the battery from your RZR 800. Power is generated and directly transmitted to the controller/ rectifier as an AC voltage.

Final Verdict

If you are a thrilling off-road rider and have the Rangers RZR, don’t miss this writing. Here, we have presented the best battery for RZR 800 with an ultimate buying guide.

Oh! Also, the replacement method will surprise you as it is easy to do by yourself.


Experienced with the autoparts and mechanical tools for years and now want to utilize this experience by helping others in DIY autoparts service and guides. I will love to assist people with any auto guide and solution through these contents that are the outcome of in-depth research, practical experience, and beautiful writing.

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