Best Oil Filter For 6.0 Vortec- Top 4 Picks With Ultimate Guides

Best Oil Filter for 6.0 Vortec


You love to ride with your vehicle, right? Then surely you want the best oil which will give you excellent service.

Don’t go anywhere if you are here to find the best oil filter for 6.0 Vortec. We are here to help you in this matter. You will come to know about the best oil for your lovely vehicle.

This product has maximum durability and excellent horsepower hp. It can serve you maximum engine speed.

To know more, dig this article and know the details.

Best Oil Filter for 6.0 Vortec

We are going to uncover our top picks. Let get connected deeply.

1. Napa Gold 1042– Get a Brittle-Free Oil Filtration Using This

Napa Gold filter has the cellulose filter traping formula with extended glass material. It can capture 50% more pollutants and dirt than other typical oil filters.

It will not matter if you use conventional oil or synthetic or synthetic blend. Napa Gold oil filter can provide proper protection to your engine by filtering the oil.

The valve in this filter neither easily brittles nor hardens. The Silicon valve used here provides more protection than other economic filters of rubbery Nitrile valves.

This oil filter works efficiently in preventing the oil leakage due to its anti-drain back valve that is so flexible. And it is 99% effective to trap 23 microns.

If you drive in usual traffic sides or any dirt roads like construction sites, this oil filter will not have any dent or won’t be damaged. Napa Gold oil filter will work efficiently on 1999-2004  Silverado 2500 HD, which has the 6.0 Vortec V8 engine.


  • Well built
  • Excellent longevity
  • Spin-on type filter adaptor
  • ISO approved 99% efficiency


  • May not mount in Silverado 1500

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2. ACDelco UPF48R Filter– 5x Sturdier Oil filter with Ultraguard Feature

ACDelco Ultraguard Gold oil filter has the capability to withstand in the most operating temperature of the engine. And this oil filter is designed to work five times higher force.

The efficient ratio of this oil filter is 98%  that works appropriately in multi-pass filtering. The valve of this filter can capture 25 to 30 microns at a time.

Its unique working formula to work under extreme temperatures makes this oil filter long-lasting ever.

Do you want to know its another cool feature? This oil filter has the thermosetting seal in it that works as adhesion to set the filtering media in the proper place.  Also, this filtering traps will provide dependable performance in filtering the pollutants and dirt from the oil.

If you have a heavy-duty (HD) engine like 6.0 Vortec LQ4, the ACDelco oil filter will work perfectly fine for any driving condition.


  • Excellently keeps the oil clean
  • Perfect for the LS-based engine
  • Works under high engine temperature
  • Premium type filter with the spin-on plate


  • No ISO test approval

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3. Royal Purple 20-500– Premium Spin-on Filter with 99% Efficiency Ratio

Royal Purple Premium oil filter is a spin-on oil filter with a 99% efficiency ratio. Can you imagine this? It can trap 23 microns with this ratio and 10 microns at an 80% efficiency ratio.

Any particles or dirt in the oil can cause hindrance in smooth lubrication. This oil filter from Royal Purple works with the focus functioning.

The name premium added to this oil filter is not a name only. It provides a premium service by keeping the oil clean and dust-free, and it is so ideal as a 6.0 Vortec oil filter.

The filtration media of this filter is made with 100%  synthetic micro-glass materials. Not only limited to this! The filtration media is supported by the mesh backing of steel material to accurately remove the superior types of particles.

The anti-drain-back valve in this oil filter helps in preventing oil draining when you shut down the engine. Moreover, the valve design protects in case of the engine’s dry-start and keeps the perfect lubrication across the motor.

There are a Nitrile gasket and metal cap that is the rubbery base. It is so perfect for the HD engine like 6.0 Vortec and comes with a precise seal that prevents oil leak.


  • Accurate efficiency ratio
  • Compatible with all types of oil
  • Massive shell with extended security features
  • Durable Silicone rubber lasts in every temperature


  • Need checking in delivery time to avoid rust product

Available On Amazon

4. FRAM XG3506– Budget-Friendly Ultra- Synthetic Oil Filter

It is an Ultra-synthetic oil filter from FRAM. It is proven that this oil filter can provide an oil filtration for 20,000 miles of running.

The efficiency ratio that you will wish to know for any oil filter is 99% for this filter. It can filter out 20 microns or more significant with this ratio.

It has a dual-layered metal screen as the filter media. And this is specially optimized for synthetic oil filtration. The media can capture the massive dirt particles, and the dual-layer makes this oil filter long-lasting also.

FRAM ultra synthetic oil filter has the spin on bypass plate that finely fits on 2000 Chevrolet Silverado containing the LS-based 6.0L Vortec V8 engine. And its anti-slip texture ensures a fine grip on the machine.


  • Quick & easy to mount
  • 2x dirt capturing feature than others
  • Perfect for both the newer engine & older engine
  • Glass fiber coil spring provides maximum protection


  • Only compatible with synthetic oil

Available On Amazon

How to Pick the Best Oil Filter for 6.0 Vortec V8 Engine?

How to Pick the Best Oil Filter for 6.0 Vortec V8 Engine

When you change your oil, it is a must for you to change your oil filter. When you are replacing the oil, it means your oil filter also got the dirt in it. And to lubricate your engine with the new clean engine, you must change the oil filter.

Now listen! What we have brought out for you. We have pointed out some factors to check while buying the right oil filter for your 6.0 Vortec engine for your assistance.

Vehicle Manual

The first and foremost priority should be what your vehicle manual recommends to use. Check the manual or sticker attached underneath the engine, if any. Then, pick your oil filter according to your engine recommendations.

Filteration Media

The filtration media of the oil filter is the primary fact in it. How the oil will be filtered out depends on the media traps of the oil filter. The HD engine, such as 6.0 Vortec, choose the oil filter with either glass micron fiber or the Nitrile-based rubbery material.

But for long-lasting protection, the glass fiber proves to be more effective when your vehicle often tends to be running in the off-road tracks.

So, check the filter media traping feature in the oil filter features and ensure clean lubrication.

Bypass Valve

The material and working criteria of the bypass valve of the oil filter are essential. Due to the pressure of the oil, sometimes the oil gets clogged. The bypass valves help to bypass the oil efficiently.

So, look for the valve material too. Especially, choose the valve with an anti-drain back feature. It will help to prevent oil draining when you shut off the engine. So, the anti-drain-back valve is essential to have.

Again, if the valve is Synthetic material, it can be a little pricey but effective, though.

Efficiency Ratio

The efficiency ratio is the micron capturing efficiency. It must be a minimum of 93% or more than that. The 93% ration is considered as the Beta ratio 14 and a ‘B’ grade brand. And the 98% efficiency is considered very good capturing capable with the Beta ratio of 50 and an ‘A’ grade brand.

It would be best to choose ‘A’ grade oil filter that is 98% efficiency or more.

Size of the Micron

What size of micron the oil filter can capture is also important to check. The more this micron size is, the more capturing capacity your oil filter will have.

If you need an accurate size number then, we can suggest you look for the filter with a minimum of 20 microns or more target. We are recommending this based on our research on the oil filter functions.

End-Cap Adhesion

Make sure to check the end-cape of the filter is fully adhesive. The adhesive should not be rotten with the filter media. The end-cap must not break the seal between the filter media traps and the end-cap.

This adhesion of the end-cap helps to keep the filter set and tight to the filter mounting room.

Oil Type Compatibility

Some oil filter has fixed compatibility for the different oil type. Some filters are compatible with working on synthetic oil, some with the conventional, and some work with all kinds.

Be sure of this compatibility before you make the purchase. The 6.0 Vortec engine uses full synthetic oil. So, choose the filter compatible with synthetic oil.

These are the major facts to look before buying.  There are some other facts your mind may cross with them in time of the purchase. Among these, the filter size and diameter can be countable.

To ensure the right size, measure the diameter and height of your old oil filter. Then, tell your seller to give you the oil filter matched with that size.

By the way, you must also know this, the diameter and height size is slightly negotiable as this does not differ much.

How to Change 6.0 Vortec Oil Filter?

How to Change 6.0 Vortec Oil Filter

Tired of reading? But we are not finished yet. So, why don’t you have a sip of a cup of tea or coffee and read further? Because now, we are showing you the most exciting part- the oil filter replacement method.

Yes, you read it right! You can change the oil filter very easily by yourself. Let’s show you the steps to change it. Trust me; you will love to do it yourself if you can follow the steps correctly.

When you get the “Check Engine Oil Soon” code on the dashboard, it is time to check your oil if it is the replacement time or not. And along with the oil, you must change the oil filter.

In the time of changing the oil filter, you have to vacant the fuel tank at first. So, we are showing the steps for both one by one.

Check them out!

Step-1: Get Access to the Fuel Tank

Well, at first, get access to the fuel tank. Go underneath your car and find the gas tank. You will find the oil draining plug is on the passenger side of the fuel tank, and the oil filter is on the driver-side of the vehicle.

Step-2: Unscrew the Drain Plug

Now, fuel draining time through the drain plug. But before that, must place a large, spread container or tray right under the drain plug, because when you unscrew the drain plug, it will leave blacky, dirt oil that may create a mess if any tray or pan is not placed.

Here, you may need a socket of 15mm or different depending on your drain plug size. Unscrew it slowly, and the fuel will come out all of a sudden.

Step-3: Unmount the Oil Filter

Let all the fuel fall from the fuel tank, and the tank vacant entirely. Then, unmount the oil filter.

Find the oil filter from the driver-side of the tank.  Here, also place the oil tray to hold the fuel draining from the oil filter.

Use any oil filter adapter ratchet to unmount the filter. And take it out.

Step-4: Plugin the Drain Plug

Now, installing time. Plugin the drain plug and tighten it correctly using socket ratchet.

Step-5: Install the New Oil Filter

Take your new oil filter and mount it inside the exact place from where you have taken out the old one. Hand tightens it properly.

If you wish can use any oil filter adaptor tool to tighten it. But make sure you don’t damage the filter while using any tool. So, it is better to hand tighten firmly to ensure the safety of the filter.

Your oil filter replacement is done. Now, you can pour the new oil and check the engine.

Tips & Warning Here

Let’s give you some tips to prevent any mess or injuries.

  • Wear hand gloves to avoid any mess in your hand.
  • Do this process when the engine is completely cool down.
  • Open the cap of the oil tank from the front before starting the process. It will assist in draining all the fuel more clearly.
  • Check the new oil filter has the rubber attacher to it before installing it.
  • For the spin-on engine like 6.0 Vortec, must be sure to match the thread size; otherwise, the mismatched thread can damage the mounting place and loosen the filter.
  • Clean the surface area of both the drain plug and the filter mounting bolt. It will help in a clean oil running.

How Often Should You Change a 6.0 Vortec Oil Filter?

All the automobile experts and the auto parts store recommend changing the oil filter every time you change the oil. If you think you can have savings here by not changing the oil filter, it would be rather a loss, not an economic costing.

It is general to change the oil filter every 3000 to 7000 miles with the oil change interval.

The dashboard does not have the feature to count and show code for the dirt and contaminants caught in the oil filter. Not also any oil bypassing code, which can lead engine wear if the filter is not changed timely.

Wrap Up

If you think of the engine’s right fit and need the best oil filter for 6.0 Vortec, you must go through this article. This writing is a full pack of 6.0L Vortec oil filter recommendations and the replacement.

So, don’t get deceived by the seller in buying the wrong oil filter. Check this writing to have a clear conception of the oil filter and its fitting.

Your engine is like the CPU of your car. If you can’t provide the perfect need, it can’t offer you as per your driving expectations.

Therefore, don’t leave any stone unturned in the care of your beloved car!

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