Husky Bed Liner Vs BedRug-A Hard-hitting Battle

Husky Bed Liner Vs BedRug


The transportation of intense loads results in frequent degradation of the truck beds. However, a well-built and ultra-cushioned bed liner can renovate the truck’s entire ground area. Among heaps of bed lining combos, some brands like Husky and BedRug assemble top-quality manufacturing goods standards. Also, they ensure strictness in item specifications, which develops high-end satisfaction from consumers.

Nevertheless, if anyone wants to select the most efficient product in the battle of Husky Bed Liner Vs BedRug, it will undeniably be a tough pick. To avoid a confusing situation, we have adjoined an extensive feature elaboration.  Just check it out and go for the best.

Husky Bed Liner Vs BedRug- Corresponding Reviews

All the existing models of BedRug and Husky bed liners are accessible with persistent upgrading approaches.  Technologically, both brands can strike well with the accumulation of durable materials. However, the following comparison chart and the latter well-formatted feature description represent similarities and divergences of specs from both ends.




8 To 32 lbs

13 To 23 lbs

Pad thickness

1/4 to ¾’’

3/4 ”

Core Material

TPO plastic,


Polypropylene plastic

Manufacturing Origin




Lifetime (conditions applied) warranty

Lifetime company guarantee


68.25×11.5×11.5’’ To 80×23×9’’

68×15×15’’ To 69×12×12’’

Top 3 Models

  1. BedRug  BRQ15SCK Bed liner – Precise cutouts
  2. BedRug BRB15CCK Bed liner – Super cushiony
  3. BedRug 1512160 Bed Liner-Perfect grip
  1. Husky11061 Bed Liner -Top-notch fiber
  2. Husky 12591 Bed Liner – Ultra-tough
  3. Husky 11141 Bed Liner – Uncompromised adhesion

Our Recommended Pick- BedRug Bed Liner


We have picked BedRug for your recommendation because it fulfills the fundamental and advanced efficiency attributes.  This bed liner stands out with the double certification of ISO 9001 as well as TS 16949. These official recognitions embark on the globally acknowledged QMS (Quality Management System) standard and some added requirements for the automotive trade.

Non-abrasive fiber fabrication

The unique closed-cell weaving formula of this bed liner generates anti-abrasive features, and thus the finishing of your cargo becomes secured from accidental scratch.  To clarify, after year’s prolonged usage of the BedRug liner, its removal can still be undamaging.

Additionally, the premium anti-slip quality of the BedRug production provides the finest condition of liner foam. Besides, its distinctive fiber framework displays a luxurious appearance over the front side and total surface area.

Shock Absorbing mechanism

One of the significant feasibilities of the BedRug bed liner is the dent-proof and sealed carpet foam. In addition, its shock absorption property secures the van’s floor from dings and obstructs sidewall hitting during your shipping procedure.

Non- drilling installation system

Hassle-free complete installation of this bed liner takes barely half an hour without any hole insertion or polishing.  Just the use of isopropyl alcohol, together with the primary hand gears and installation belts, is required.  And, the overall BedRug product coordination delivers the necessary fitting instruments.

Sturdy structure

To handle the weighty cargo delivery, BedRug truck liner bears up all the potential rough situations. Thus, the particularly incorporated gap protector juncture between the car rug and the rear door shut out the dirt entrance, including the hit of pebbles, bleach, or even the vehicle fuel.

Eco-friendly Manufacturing

All the BedRug items are engineered under safe origination. For instance, their recyclable chemical (polypropylene) compounds are turned into little balls. Thus, manufacturers can use them for wide-ranging consumer products.


  • Brilliant chemical resistance
  • Supreme-quality fade-proof material
  • Standard drainage system for easy cleaning
  • Absolute stability against malformation


  • Minor fitting problem in some models

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Fellow Dueler- Husky Bed Liner

In the marketplace of automobile bed mat collection, Husky’s attractive bed liner plays quite a crucial role. As the rival of Husky Bed Liner Vs BedRug battle, Husky is pretty committed to the customers for the lavish designed liners and freshly acquired specs.

Anti-slide material

Husky Liner’s bed comprises padded foam with anti-skid texture. This compact yet spongy fabric creates an elegant feel, which allows quick turns and halts. In short, under extreme speed, its flexible base holds your cargo’s floor with exquisite adhesiveness without any dislocation.

UltraGrip and UltraFiber Textile

The company’s trademarked UltraFiber technology works as a super-soft cargo-protector for the possible threats of scrapes. Moreover, another variation of this bed liner contains UltraGrip formula, which has enough robustness to take in the collision-pressure of the unbalanced cargo. So, in both cases, with great indentation absorbency, it protects the automobile gears and wards off harsh weather impact.

Furthermore, the particular plastic component completely enfolds the truck surface and is sufficiently hardwearing to accept heavy transportation loads.

GapGuard Feature

Another landmark from the Husky production house is its GapGuard protection that resists the unwanted blockage between the cargo’s bed liner and tailgate. This feature is mainly suitable for small-sized vans.

Water Resistance

Husky’s cushiony bed carries a similar type of element, like life jackets. As a result, it is free from excess water-absorption and disfiguration. Thus, the users can easily apply hosepipe or any power –washer for surface cleaning.


  • Zero-sliding assurance
  • Handy fixing method
  • Ultra-violet ray resistant
  • Additional protection for cargo wheels


  • Comparatively less protection against dust

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Which is the Perfect Option for You?

BedRug, as a leading company for original and aftermarket bed liner creation, has always confirmed the fulfillment of the meticulous standards for automobile OEM. The BedRug accessories are specially designed for those who execute the heavy-duty outdoor application with their vans or trucks.

In opposition, Husky Liner is the proud producer of a groundbreaking automotive foundation with extensive product compilation. Hence, to implant the most up-to-date tech-formulation, customers can wrap their vehicle with Husky.

People’s standard for different product has a diverge limit and fluctuates in line with their purposes. As you have observed the inclusive debate between Husky Bed Liner Vs BedRug, we hope the selection process will become a bit easier, and you can be confident of your choice.


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